Makeup 101: Powder


Powders are an essential step in the makeup routine of most of us! After putting on foundation and concealer you need to set them with some powder, especially if you have oily skin, because the powder will "lock" in your foundation and concealer and they will last all day! Plus if you have oily skin you want that nice, matte finish that powders provide! Some people with dry skin though skip this step, because they want to keep their face looking dewey! :) Powders come in 2 variations, the regular ones that provide some color and the translucent ones that leave no color behind! They also come in 2 different types, pressed and loose! 

  • Loose Powder: This type of powder can be REALLY messy if you're not careful ! It comes in a plastic jar with a sifter and I'd suggest not to remove the plastic seal that covers the sifter, but pin 2-3 holes instead, that way you won't get powder all over! You can also put a cotton pad on top of the sifter to avoid that messy situation! Loose powders usually have a very airy and lightweight formula and they're ideal to set your makeup, because they set it without adding lots of stuff on your face, which can look cakey! Use a powder brush or a powder puff to apply loose powders! Unfortunately you can't carry them in your purse for touch-ups due to the fact they're extremely messy and they also come in quite big jars, which take up a lot of space!

  • Pressed Powder: This type of powder comes in a plastic compact, usually a mirror and a sponge thing or a powder puff are provided with the packaging, which makes it great to carry around in your purse for touch-ups! You can definitely use this type of powder to set your makeup, but usually pressed powders aren't so lightweight like loose powders, since oils are used to press the powder together! You can use a powder brush or a powder puff to apply it, but be careful if you're using a powder puff, since they usually pick up a lot of product and since pressed powders are a bit thicker in consistency they can look cakey if you apply too much! Also make sure to wash the sponge thing/powder puff included in the packaging very often, you don't want dirt and oils transferring to your powder!

I hope that you enjoyed my third Makeup 101 and that you found it helpful somehow! See you in my next Makeup 101! ;)

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  1. Poder is one of my must haves! :D I use pressed powder to set the concealer...I couldn't live without it! :D


  2. @Aru I can't live without powder either!! I got oily skin lol!