Makeup 101: Foundation


When I started getting into makeup I had nobody to help me, I mean there was the internet, but you could only find articles there and sometimes words can't help you apply your makeup correctly! You need somebody to show you how to do things right! My mom doesn't use makeup and there was no youtube back then, so I had nobody to show me! That's why I thought I should start a makeup basics series (foundation, concealer, powder, primers, eyeliners etc), where I will mention different types of products in each category and what each type of product is suitable for! :)

So, most of us start our makeup routine with foundation (and I say most, because some put on concealer before foundation) ! Generally there are 6 types of foundation:

  • Mousse Foundation: This is one of the newest formulas in the market and it feels amazing and not heavy at all on the skin, because the texture is so airy and light! This type of foundation is great for the summer, since we don’t want a lot of stuff on our face when it’s hot! It’s suitable for all skin types, but make sure to moisturize well before using it, especially if you have dry patches, because some of these foundations might accentuate them (I had that problem with Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation) ! Either a foundation brush, sponge or even your fingers can be used to apply this type of foundation on the face. 

  • Cream Foundation: Ideal for dry or mature skin, because it’s so moisturizing! The coverage is almost always medium to full, but you can make it a bit lighter by using a wet sponge/brush. These foundations usually last all day and provide a nice, dewy finish, which makes them look more natural, despite their heavy texture! There are also some cream-to-powder foundations, which have a creamy texture, but they provide a more matte finish! Cream foundations can also be used as concealer, because they're creamy and they cover well! How cool is that?

  • Liquid Foundation: This is the most popular type of foundation in my opinion! It’s suitable for most skin types and it comes in a variety of formulas for different needs! We have for example liquid foundation for mature skin with anti-ageing properties, for acne-prone skin that won’t clog the pores of the skin, even HD foundations for high definition filming! The great thing about liquid foundations is that you can control the coverage you get from them (wet your sponge/brush or apply it with a stippling brush and you get a lighter coverage, layer it or apply it with a flat top brush and you get more coverage)! Plus you can mix them with your moisturizer and create your own tinted moisturizer for those days that you don’t want/need a lot of stuff on your face! 

  • Mineral Foundation: Mineral Foundations are great for people with sensitive skin, because they’re enriched with lots of minerals that are great for the skin and they usually don’t contain parabens, all kinds of chemicals, dyes etc! Plus some of these minerals combat ageing, moisturize and firm the skin etc. ! They’re suitable for most skin types and they’re usually light-to-medium or medium coverage! Another great thing about them is that they’re almost fool-proof, you don’t have to worry that much about blending them and making them look good, like you would with a liquid or cream foundation! You can apply them with a nice powder brush (if you want lighter coverage) or a flat top brush (if you want heavier coverage) and usually they can be layered for extra coverage! 

  • Powder Foundation: Usually it comes in a pressed form, which provides a bit of moisture, since it’s pressed with oils! It also comes in a loose form, which is more finely milled and lightweight and it contains less moisture than the pressed form! Powder foundations work best for people with oily skin or oily t-zone, so they’re not for everybody! I wouldn’t recommend using a sponge to apply them, as sponges tend to pick up a lot of product and you have to be careful with powder foundations, because they can look cakey really easily if you apply too much! A nice fluffy brush is the best way to apply them in my opinion and always tap off the excess from your brush to avoid caking it on! 

  • Stick Foundation: This type of foundation is usually full coverage and quite heavy, but it has excellent staying power, that’s why many professional makeup artists use it on models for photoshoots, catwalks, tv shows etc! I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use though, this is some seriously heavy stuff! Stick foundations can be applied directly from the tube (very heavy, not recommended), with your fingers or with a foundation brush!

There's also the airbrush foundation, which gives a flawless look (another favorite of makeup artists), but it's so expensive to get the airbrush machine (around $225) that it's not for everybody, therefore I didn't really bother to give more info! I hope you enjoyed my first Makeup 101! :)


  1. @Vic Thank you so much!! :) I'm so glad you like it! :) If you have something to add, feel free to do it! ;)

  2. Great post , it made me browse my foundation collection and see how many types i own :p I own all of these

  3. @Sarah loool !! thanks honey :) I don't own all of these, I currently own liquid and mineral foundation, but I've tried the other types in the past (I either owned them or I tried them from friends) ! ;)

  4. polu xrisima ola,stavroula, mprabo!!
    an exw katalavei kala ap'osa diavasa, xrisimopoiw to concealer (prin apo to foundation :P) k apo panw kati san poydra, k oxi make up pou elega toso kairo ^^

  5. Hehe! :) Koita, kapoies vazoun prota concealer kai meta foundation kai kapoies kanoun to anapodo! O,ti se voleuei/sou aresei vasika! :) Apo panw xreiazesai poudra, ektos kai an exeis ksiro derma! Kai mi vazeis pollh poudra, giati tha fainetai poli pastomeno! Ligh poudra tin kanei th douleia tis! :) O,ti allo thes rwta me! :)

  6. oxi kale, de kanw tetoia! den trigirnaw san moumia egw! :P