Makeup 101: Concealer


So, after we're done with foundation, it's time to move on to concealers (unless we use mineral foundation. In that case we put on concealer first, because most concealers are creamy and we don't put creamy products on top of powder products, it can look cakey). Concealers are a very powerful makeup product, they can cover spots and blemishes, under-eye circles, highlight and contour our face! Apart from the flesh toned concealers, there are also the so-called corrective concealers that can be green (neutralizes redness), lavender/pink (brightens up dark areas), yellow (neutralizes purple-ish under eye circles), peach/orange (neutralizes blue-ish under eye circles) ! Concealers come in various forms too, let's check them out! ;)

  • Stick Concealer: It comes in a pencil or lipstick type of tube and the consistency is quite thick and dry,therefore it's a bit hard to blend! It usually offers medium to full coverage and it's best for covering blemishes! You could use it on the under eye area, but it tends to sink in the fine lines, so I wouldn't really recommend for that area! The best way to apply it is with your fingers, because the warmth of your fingers will allow you to blend this type of concealer much better than you would with a concealer brush for example! And don't apply too much, because it can look cakey really easily! Apply thin layers and add a bit more if you think you need more coverage!

  • Cream Concealer: It usually comes in a little pot or pan! The consistency is nice and creamy and you propably won't have any problems blending it in! Since it's creamy it's ideal for people with dry skin, who always need some extra moisture! Most of the times it provides medium to full coverage and you can use it on both face and under eye area! It lasts pretty long, even if you don't set it with powder! You can apply it with your fingers, a sponge or a concealer brush, I prefer the finger method though, because I find that it blends better into the skin that way! Or you can pick up and apply the product with a concealer brush and then blend it in with your fingers, because it's not that sanitary to dip your fingers in a jar! I do it, because I always wash my hands before putting makeup on and I'm also the only person using this concealer and my makeup stuff in general ! :)

  • Liquid Concealer: I think this is the most popular type of concealer! It comes in either a squeezy tube or a lip gloss type of tube! The consistency is usually lightweight and it blends really easily into the skin! It's suitable for all skintypes, as it's not drying or heavy/oily! It usually doesn't crease and it has good staying power!The coverage it provides is light to medium, but you can layer it to achieve almost full coverage!Liquid concealer can be used on both face and under eye area, but you have to work fast, because it dries pretty quickly and if you don't blend it in correctly it can look patchy! The best way to apply it is to dot it on the area you want to cover either with your finger (squeezy tube) or with the applicator (lip gloss type of tube) and then blend it in with your finger using a gentle, patting motion until it looks nice and even!

  • Mineral Concealer: This is one of the newest formulas in the market and it has become quite popular already! It's in loose powder form and it comes in a jar (usually with a sifter) ! This type of concealer is suitable for most skintypes (even the sensitive ones, as it's gentle to your skin) and it usually provides light to medium coverage, but you can layer it, as it's so lightweight! The staying power is quite good and you don't have to worry too much about the blending! It can be used on both face and under eye area! The best way to apply it is by using a quite full and a bit fluffy brush and tap the brush on the areas you want to cover until you achieve the coverage you want! 

Here's a pic of the corrective concealer colors I mentioned at the beginning of this post so that you can get an idea of what they look like! Yellow, lavender, mint green and orange ( the one that's floating in the air lol ) !

I hope that you enjoyed my second Makeup 101 and that you found it helpful somehow! ;) See you in my next Makeup 101! ;)


  1. Love your Makeup 101 posts!!! Very useful!

  2. Hey! I'm just wondering if you've tried either the Elf mineral concealer or the studio one, and which one is better at covering up minor blemishes? Thanks!

  3. @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish I haven't tried any of them, but as far as I've heard/read the studio concealer provides better coverage! :)