Current Lemming : Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Bronzers


I own quite many bronzers, but none of them has SPF! Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer has SPF 50!! Wow!! Since I have oily skin I HATE applying sunscreen (I do it though) or anything creamy/oily on me and especially on my face! So, while watching a video on youtube I came across this bronzer and I've been thinking about buying it in 2 different shades, Fair for winter and Medium for now (pictured above) ! 

I found these bronzers on Ebay for $6.99 each plus shipping, which will propably be around $6 (I'm waiting for the sellers to reply to my message) ! I think this is a really good price, since these bronzers normally retail for about $14.95 each I think (I did some research online hehe!) !

I've seen that Shisheido has something like that, but their product retails for about 33.50EUR, which is around $40!! Thank you, but no!! I refuse to spend $40 on a powder! So, what do you think about it? Have you ever tried this bronzer (the Physicians Formula one) or any kind of powder SPF ?? Do they really work?? 

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  1. @Sarah yeah they do!! :) have you ever tried something like that? :)

  2. I bought the 2 powders about an hour ago, they will propably be here in 2 weeks! :) I can't wait to get them!! The shipping was $7, so the total was $21, not bad at all ! :)