Birthday Present from my Boyfriend!!

At the end of May I had my shopping basket at Cambree filled with lots of goodies from Sigma and NYX (I had already ordered from them once and I was really satisfied) and my birthday was almost 3 weeks away! So, my lovely boyfriend offered to buy me all these goodies as birthday present !! :D Yay!!! I was so excited and I still am!! So, here's what I got (click on the pics for larger view) :

NYX Round Lipsticks starting from the left: B52, Spell Bound, Electra, Tea Rose, LaLa, Thalia, Heather, Snow White, Mauve, Circe, Eucalyptus

NYX Concealer in a Jar in Yellow (middle) and in Orange (right) (on the left you can see the one I already had in Beige)

NYX Long Lipliners in: Natural (left), Pinky (middle), Plush Red (right)

Sigma Complete Brush Kit in Black (without brush roll, plus a travel size SS217 as gift with purchase from Sigma)

Individual Sigma Brushes: SS109, SS134, SS138 and two SS188

I loooooooooooove everything!!!! I've already tried Thalia Lipstick paired with Natural Lipliner and it's a great combination!! :) This is my second Sigma Complete Brush Kit in Black and I wanted it, so that I can wash my first set and let it dry and have a second set that I can use! ;)

So, this post's purpose was to share my excitement with you and to show you what I got, so that you could request swatches/reviews! ;) xxx


  1. Are the sigma brushes good? any sheding or dyes coming out?

  2. Shedding was very minimal (mostly on face brushes, which are dense) during the first wash and no dyes came out! :) I want to really test them before writing a review on Sigma brushes ! But so far I'm pleased with them! :)

  3. Yeah I'm so excited!! :) And so lucky too! :)

  4. Lovely present! :) I love the Sigma Brushes and am dying to try some proper NYX. Especially their Milk Pencil. xx

  5. So far I love them too!! :D I'm SERIOUSLY in love with the SS150 powder brush <3 !! I can't get over how huge and soft it is!!!

    NYX products are great!! :) I'd love to try a couple of their cream blushes that I saw on Justine's blog (the girl who commented on this post first) ! :D

    thanks for stopping by and commenting Sophie, it means a lot to me! :) I'm so glad you're not one of those youtubers, who have a lot of subscribers and they think that other people are nothing compared to them and they don't pay attention to what they say/do! :) *mwah*

  6. Υπέροχο δώρο! Ολόκληρο σετ μακιγιάζ, τι άλλο να ζητήσει μια γυναίκα?!

  7. Όντως Μαριάννα!! Είμαι κομπλέ τώρα! Χεχεχε!! :) Καλημέρα! :)