Review : Rimmel Glam' Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara in Kohl Black

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I got this mascara after seeing ginabinawina99 on youtube raving about it! I haven't tried the plain version, but the Lash Flirt version is really nice! :) It comes in a sleek packaging that looks like that:

Can you say I love the packaging? lol ! It's so nice and sleek, it looks luxurious! :) I love the combination of black and gold, the diamond details and the crown design on the cap! :) Ok, let's move on to the wand and to the actual product inside this amazing packaging! :)

The wand is made of plastic and it has longer bristles on one side and shorter bristles on the other side!

Longer Bristles 

Shorter Bristles

I like the fact that the bristles aren't of the same length on the wand, I like the longer bristles for adding volume to my lashes and the shorter bristles for these little eyelashes on the inner and outer corner of the eye that are hard to reach with a big wand!

The formula of the mascara is quite dry, which is good, because it doesn't get messy (you don't have to worry about opening your eyes and blinking after putting this mascara on, it won't get everywhere) and it also holds your curl ! Mascaras with wet formula weigh down the lashes, so they can't help you hold your curl! This mascara thickens and lengthens my lashes, making them full and sexy! :) It doesn't flake and it doesn't get clumpy, unless you put on too much product! One coat can look quite natural, 2 or more coats make your lashes more dramatic!

All in all I really like this mascara and I totally recommend it if you want thicker and longer lashes! :) I don't know its retail price, since we don't have Rimmel here in Greece and I got my mascara off ebay, but I know it's not expensive! :)

Here's ginabinawina99's review on this mascara, I'm so glad I've watched it:

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