Review : Revlon Colorstay Foundation (normal/dry skin)

This is my new favorite foundation!!! I absolutely love it! Ok, let's get on with the review now! lol

Revlon Colorstay Foundation comes in 2 versions, one for normal/dry skin and one for combination/oily skin! I got the normal/dry skin one, although my skin is super oily! LOL! Actually my skin is weird, sensitive, combination/oily with dry patches! I got sent the wrong version of the foundation, but I decided to keep it, I'll tell you why later! :)

The foundation comes in a glass bottle that holds 30ml of product! I like the packaging, it's nice and sleek, but the lack of pump is a bit frustrating, because you can't control how much product you get out each time! You just unscrew the cap and you pour the foundation on your hand/on a cd etc! If you've found a solution to this, please let me know! :)

I have it in 2 shades, 180 Sand Beige and 220 Natural Beige:

I got the lighter one for winter and the darker one for summer! :)

The foundation itself it quite thick (not too thick though), it gives medium to full coverage (you can build up the coverage by adding more), while protecting your skin with SPF 15, and it seriously stays on for ever!!! Combined with Elf's Mineral Infused Face Primer from their Studio Line this foundation lasted on my very oily skin 7 hours without any oils coming out!! I was speechless when I saw this in my mirror, I couldn't believe it! I was shine-free 7 hours after putting makeup on and my foundation looked fresh! For your information, I usually get really oily on my t-zone after 5-6 hours of wearing makeup (even with a primer) !Revlon Colorstay Foundation hasn't broken me out or irritated my skin in any way! It's actually moisturizing, without being greasy! :)

Let's move on to application now! First of all I apply my moisturizer, I let it soak in and then I apply my face primer:

Mineral Infused Face Primer from Elf's Studio Line (review coming up soon!)

I let the primer set for about 1 minute and then I take my brush and spray some Avene Thermal Water on it (you can also use MAC Fix+ or plain water in a spray bottle):

Avene Thermal Water Spray (review coming up soon!)

Making your brush wet sheers out the foundation a little bit and it also helps with Revlon Colorstay's main problem: it dries soooo fast that you can't apply the foundation all over your face first and then blend it! You have to work it step by step, for example apply it on the left cheek and blend it right away, then on the right cheek and blend it etc! If you apply it all over your face and then blend it, it becomes streaky, because it has dried! So, wet your brush and you'll have a little bit more time to blend your foundation (although I still work it step by step just to be 100% sure my foundation doesn't end up looking streaky) ! :) Plus it feels soooo good applying your foundation with a wet brush! :)

I've heard that the combination/oily skin version is worse than the normal/dry skin version, since it contains less moisture! That's why I decided to keep the normal/dry skin version, although it wasn't what I had ordered!

Here are 3 brushes I use to apply this foundation, they're all flat top brushes!

Buffer Brush from Zoeva (I've used it, that's why it's dirty)

Powder Brush from Elf's Studio Line:

Synthetic Buffer Brush Large from Coastal Scents:

I like them all, because they're soft, they apply foundation nicely and they don't shed at all ! :)

All in all I'm in LOVE with this foundation!!! You should definitely try it! :) You can buy this at most drugstores or online (for example Ebay), especially if the retail price of this is high in your country! I got both shades I own online for 20£ (including recorded shipping which was 5£) and you can find this foundation on ebay for about the same price! ;)

Small update: During the first 3-4 applications I just poured some foundation on my hand and picked up the product with my brush from my hand! I noticed though that I was wasting quite a lot of product that way, since the foundation reacted to my body's heat and dried out before I was able to use it! Plus having foundation on your hand isn't the greatest idea, since you can easily make a terrible mess (like get foundation on your hair, clothes etc) !

So, after doing some research on youtube, I've finally found a solution to this:

This is a little mirror that's used for decoration (for example you can stick some of them on your wall and make a nice design!) and I got it at a toys' store! I can't remember how much I payed for this, but it was really cheap! So, now I pour some foundation on and pick it up from there with my brush! No wasting of product, no risk of making a mess! When I'm done, I just wipe any unused foundation off with a paper towel or a wet hand wipe and the little mirror is ready to be used again! :) Perfect!!! :)


  1. Best way to get it out the bottle I found was to (very carefully!) apply it directly to the brush, that way you can start applying and blending it straight onto your skin without a third product. I did use the back of my hand but it took some graft washing it off afterwards!! I did also use a sponge applicator which is quite effective as it means you avoid brush streaks and can 'pad' it on. Trial and error, but once you find the right way, yes tis very fab! xxx

  2. I've tried the pouring-on-my-hand method, but I've found that I'm wasting product that way, because some of the foundation dries on my hand before I'm able to use it! I'm gonna try the cd case or the cd itself method next time! lol

  3. Hi Stavroula ,

    Thankyou so much you ve actually solved my problem. I too have oily and Sensitive skin. After reading your blog I am sure gonna buy Revlon Color stay foundation.

    Thankyou somuch



  4. Awwww I'm so glad I could help!! :) I hope you'll like this foundation as much as I do! :) I don't know if it's just the foundation or the combination of the foundation with elf's face primer that keeps the oil at bay! It's amazing though!!!

  5. How is liquid foundation during summer?! I've never used liquid foundation... :o Really curious, but maybe I should wait until fall comes?!

  6. For the summer I'll propably mix it with a bit of moisturizer to lighten up the coverage! This foundation does NOT move from your face, so I'll definitely use it during the summer and especially on nights out! I wet my flat top brush before applying this foundation, so that lightens up the coverage too! :)

    What's your skintype btw?? :)