Review : Elf Eyebrow Lifter & Filler in Dark

I got this product a while back, but I hadn't reviewed it all this time, because I recently started using it! And I gotta tell you I really like it! :) It's a double-ended, quite fat pencil that looks like this:

One side is the lifter, a light pinkish shade that can be used underneath the brows to lighten up the area and make the brows look more defined, the other side is the filler, a dark brown shade to fill in any sparse areas in the brows! Here's a swatch of both sides:

The lifter side is very nice and creamy and it looks very natural ! :) The filler side is also very nice, but since its texture is creamy you can't apply a very small amount of product on your brows like you would do with a harder pencil! So, it's not really suitable for a natural look! However it's great if you want more defined brows! I apply it on any sparse areas I have in my brows and then I brush them with a brow brush like this to make sure the product is evenly distributed on my brows! :)

Overall I really like this product! It stays on all day (I don't set it with powder or anything like that) and the colour looks great on me (I have dark brown hair and black eyebrows) ! It's available here for £3.50 ! ;)


  1. I think i must buy the eyebrowlifter next time!

  2. I think you should! :) Even if you don't like the filler part, you're definitely gonna like the lifter part! ;)

  3. Wich do you like best? This pen or the eyebrow kit, and why?

  4. Well, the eyebrow kit is more natural, for everyday use! The pencil is a bit more bold (not too bold though, it actually depends on how much product you apply)! I love the lifter part of the pencil too ! :)

  5. Okey. Maybe I'll just keep to the kit... I like natural... ;)