Review : L'Oreal True Match Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Foundation is the first foundation I've ever used (before that I had only used tinted moisturisers) and I still like it! I have it in the shade C3 Rose Beige, which is a very good colour match for me! :)

I'll start with the packaging! :) The foundation comes in a glass bottle, which contains 30ml, with a pump and a plastic cap:

I like the packaging, it's very sleek and I also love the fact that it comes with a pump that's easy to control (the USA version doesn't come with a pump!) ! It's less messy and more hygienic! :) 

Now let's move on to the actual product! Let's see what L'Oreal says about this product on their website:

In true-to-skin shades across warm, cool and neutral tones, True Match liquid foundation perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its micro-fine, creamy texture.

The result: natural looking, skin-true colour, outstanding coverage with no caking.

The foundation provides full coverage (last time I used it I didn't have to use concealer to cover my blemishes and believe me my blemishes are quite red!) and its consistency is neither thick nor watery, it's something inbetween! It doesn't dry quickly, so you have enough time to blend it in and it blends easily! This foundation doesn't set into my fine lines, as long as I don't use a lot of product! I would say that for being a full coverage foundation it looks quite natural!

Ok, all these things sound amazing! How about its lasting power? Well, I have oily/combination skin and this foundation doesn't have great lasting power on me! After a few hours it simply disappears and it looks like I have nothing on my face!! And from what I've read online a lot of people have this problem! However I'm still using it, because I like it! :) Lately I've found a solution to this problem! Using a primer before applying foundation solves the problem! ;) I've used Elf's Mineral Infused Face Primer! ;)

You can purchase this foundation at your local drugstore! :) It actually retails for 19Euros here in Greece, so that's quite expensive!!! Thank God my lovely friend Thalia supplies me with this from Germany, where it's a lot cheaper! ;)


  1. I am jealous that in the UK, this foundation comes with a pump, and in Canada/US it does not! All foundations should have a pump. Great review1 ;)

  2. Yeah I know and I totally agree with you, all foundations should come with a pump! It's easier, not messy and you're not wasting any product! Hehehe thanks Justine! :)