Review : Elf Mineral Foundation

Ok, first of all let me show you something... I got this foundation in "Fair" and in "Light" : 

Which one is which shade? You'd say the first one is "Light" and the second one just underneath it is the "Fair" one... well...

WRONG!!! It's exactly the opposite!!! Isn't that weird????

Anyway, let's move on to the review and see what elf's says on their website:

Our weightless mineral foundation will help get you on your way to healthier illuminating skin. All our powders blend naturally into the skin, and are so light that they work with your skin color to create a perfect color match. All of our foundations contain sun protection factor (spf) 15 and are 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

I agree with everything elf says about their mineral foundation! It makes my skin look healthy and it's not obvious I'm wearing anything on my face, which I love! It gives me a nice finish, something between matte and glowy, leaning towards matte though! I also love the fact it contains SPF 15! It applies easily on my skin and it doesn't accentuate any fine lines or dry patches! And it will be perfect for the summer, because my skin gets oilier then! 

Don't expect a lot of coverage from this foundation though! If you have a lot of blemishes, redness etc. this product isn't for you! It provides light to medium coverage (you can build it up) and in case you have some spots or whatever you'll need to use a concealer to cover them!

This mineral baby comes in a little plastic jar that contains 3.4 g of product, which is a nice amount, since it retails for £3.50!! Give it a try and take a look at the first two pictures again, if you're pale choose "Light", not "Fair" ! The names are so misleading, Elf must change them! You can buy this mineral foundation here: Elf's Mineral Foundation


  1. Hi! =) I'm the one you help on facebook, I asked for swatch of mineral foundation. =) It was very helpfull! Thank you! =D


  2. @Monica I'm so glad I could help you! ;) the names for these 2 shades are so confusing!