Review : Elf Cream Eyeliner in Black, Coffee & Midnight

This is a new addition to elf's website! I got it in Black along with a Small Smudge Brush for free and I liked it so much that I ordered Coffee (dark brown) and Midnight (dark navy blue) ! This is what they look like:


The cream eyeliner comes in a little plastic jar, but you get a generous amount of product ( 4.7g) ! I've read that cream eyeliners dry out faster when they're in a plastic jar instead of a glass jar, oh well we'll see about that! :)

The product itself is creamy and it glides on the skin! The eyeliners are quite pigmented, but you'll propably need 2 layers to get the colour to show! It doesn't get cakey though, so no problem! :) Here are some swatches:

I have oily eyelids and with an eyeshadow primer/base this baby lasts pretty good (I haven't used it without an eyeshadow base) !! :) I'm actually impressed with its lasting power on me!! If you let it set and dry for a few seconds it won't move!!! Since it dries quite quickly, you have to be a little bit fast with application (not too fast though) ! ;) It's waterproof too, I had a swatch on my hand and I splashed it with water, it didn't move at all !! I even tried to rub it off with a wet napkin, it only started to fade after several swipes!

You can use either an angled eyeliner brush or a small smudge brush to apply it! I've used both and I personally prefer the small smudge brush! :)

Overall I'm really impressed with this cream eyeliner!! You can get it for £3.50 here: Elf's Cream Eyeliner


  1. Lovely review as always, Stavroula. Even though this liner smudges on my lids... :( I've tried to let it set/dry for five minutes with closed eyes. Still it smudged... I have to try with an eye-lid-primer.

  2. Yep you should definitely try a primer! it will prevent your eyeshadows from fading/creasing as well ! :)

  3. I've tried the black and the midnight blue and love them both - although the midnight is definitely not as pigmented. Just need to try the smudge brush out now :-) Thanks for the heads up !!