Review : Elf Mineral Booster

I've used the Mineral Booster by Elf a couple of times so far and I must tell you that I love it!!!! I got the small jar, because the large one was out of stock at the time I placed my very first Elf order! So, it looks like this:

It provides a sheer to medium coverage (you can build it up) and it contains no shimmer or glitter, but it still gives you a nice, healthy look! I mean, it doesn't give you that flat, dull looking matte look, but you're not shiny either! You can use it alone or over foundation! I've used it alone so far!

Why I love it so much?? Well... I have very oily skin, but I still get dry patches from most powders during the first 20-25 minutes after application (and I always moisturize my skin!!) ! This is the first powdery product that doesn't do this to me!!!! I had read that minerals tend to kind of dry out the skin, accentuate the dry patches you may have etc, so I didn't have high hopes for Mineral Booster! But boy I was wrong!!! It gave me a nice, healthy glow, it evened out my skintone and it didn't make my skin dry!! I now swear by it! I'll definitely get the larger jar when it comes back in stock on Elf's website!

Another thing I love about this? It's cheap!! I mean you can get a 17.8g jar (which is huge!!!) for £5!!! Bare Minerals retails for a lot more than this!!

And here's a very useful video on how to avoid the mess that mineral products create (yep, it's from Koren again!) :


  1. hi am sarah from elf facebook fan page:)
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  2. I already am your follower honey! I like your blog! :) I'm following you as Stevi P. ! ;) Hehe thanks for the comment by the way! :)

  3. I knowwww!!! :D Thanks!! :) I'm waiting for the next free shipping to get it along with other things!! :)