Review : Elf Eyebrow Kit in Dark

This little kit was included in my very first Elf order at the end of January and I'm so in love with it that I've been using it constantly ever since I got it! Let's see how it looks first:

                  (you can see my red camera through the mirror LOL!)

As you can see, there's a mirror and a mini double-sided brush in the packaging! I actually use Elf's Studio Small Angled Brush to apply the product on my eyebrows, but the mini brush is nice too for travels etc. , so don't throw it away!

On the left part of the packaging you have a wax/gel like product that you can use to fill in your eyebrows and on the right part you have a powder product that you can use to set the waxy/gel filler and to add more depth/more colour to your eyebrows! Here's a swatch for each part of the kit:

(obviously I put on a lot of product, so that you can see the colours, you're not going to put that much on your eyebrows!! lol )

I have black eyebrows, but they're not thick, so a black eyeshadow for example would look quite harsh on me! The Dark Eyebrow Kit though is perfect, it's neither dark, nor brownish on me! I apply the waxy part without setting it with the powder and it makes my eyebrows look natural, yet defined, plus it lasts all day (I have oily/combination skin) ! If I put the powder on top, it would look quite dramatic, so I'd use it for a night out only, not for everyday! 

This is one of my favourite Elf products!!!! It comes in 3 shades, Light , Medium and Dark ! It costs £3.50 and you can find it here:

Yep, yep... a relative youtube video as always ;) I really like this one actually:


  1. I like your make-up-report! Kinda worried that the medium I ordered might be too light...?!?

  2. In case the medium is too light for you, try adding some of the powder on top of the wax, it will make the colour darker! :)

  3. Thanks for tips! I'll try. Probably some days more before I can try. It takes two weeks from ordering until I'll get the products...

  4. If it's still too light with the powder on top, then you obviously need the Dark one! :) You choose European Standard shipping right? It takes about 2 weeks for Greece too with that kind of shipping! With European sign-for it's 1 week (5 business days)! :)

  5. We doesn't have that last choise... :( But It's okei... I've managed without it for 28 years now, so a couple of days more, right...?!? LOL

  6. Yes I agree! :) I accidentally discovered there was a UK Elf site around the middle of January!!! I knew about the USA one, but it doesn't ship to Europe! So, I was really excited!!! :D

  7. Me too... My first order was sunday the 17. og january... LOL

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