My new elf brushes had their first bath!

So, I washed my new elf brushes for the first time today (I received them 2 days ago) and I was really surprised to find out that neither they shed nor they bled!! I mean they didn't even lose one single hair and barely any dye came out of the hairs! That was impressive!! Having too much black dye coming out of the hairs usually terrifies me!

So, now they're resting on an old towel,where I laid them to air dry:

Except for my kabuki brush, which has its special place for drying:

How did I do that and why?? Check out this video by EnKore, I think it's a pretty awesome idea for drying kabuki brushes :

I will report back in a couple of days about whether the hairs of the brushes are still soft after washing or whether the brushes shed etc.!

I hope you'll find this review helpful ! :)


  1. Yeah I know, I love this tip as well !!! :) This is how my 2 new elf face kabuki brushes are drying right now :)

  2. Both are face! :) I now have 3 face kabukis! :)

  3. *jelous*

    I only have one, but not elf. Bought one from i.d. bare minerals when I first got my first mineral foundation from the same place.

  4. All 3 face kabukis I have are from elf!! :) I also have 3 face kabukis from ArtDeco (German brand), but they're not so soft like Elf's!

  5. I really LOVE the i.d.-kabuki, so I'm curious to try the elf-kabuki. SOOO much cheaper.

  6. You should definitely try it! :) It's sooo soft!!!