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So, here are some tips I've learned over the past few years through magazines, tv or internet (youtube, beauty forums etc) that I'd like to share them with you!! I'll be updating this post with new tips quite frequently, so stay tuned!! ;)

Shall we start?

  • If you got sunburnt, then fill your tub with lukewarm water and a cup of baking soda! It will make you feel relieved and it will also make your skin look less red!
  • If you have a huge pimple on your face, wrap an ice cube in a thin towel and press it on the pimple for about 5 minutes! This will make the pimple smaller and less red!
  • If your hair is coarse, damaged and dull-looking, apply a hair mask on your wet hair and then wrap it with a warm towel ! The heat from the towel will open up the pores of the hairs, so the hair mask will get absorbed much better! ;)
  • Always have some q-tips next to you when you do your makeup, they'll be very useful when you want to correct mistakes, especially from mascara (getting mascara on your brow bone is NOT sexy! lol )
  • Using a lip liner that is a lot darker than your lipstick ain't sexy, it's awful !!!! Imagine a light pink lipstick with dark red/brown lip liner... yikes!!! It looks trashy!
  • Always, I mean ALWAYS check your makeup in natural light after you're done with it! What may appear as a light layer of blush in artificial light, could look like clown cheeks in natural light (been there, done that lol )
  • Apply some lipbalm before you start with your makeup! It will moisturize your lips, so the lipgloss/lipstick will apply much smoother and it will also last longer!
  • Clean your brushes frequently (spot clean them 1-2 times/week and deep clean them with water and a gentle shampoo 1 or even 2 times/month, especially if you have very sensitive skin & eyes) ! If your brushes are dirty, you could get pimples or even an infection (eye infection for example)! Not good huh?
  • Don't share your makeup, I mean seriously DON'T!!! You can't possibly know what diseases the other person may have! And in case your best friend for example grabs for example your favorite lipstick and tries it on, then simply take a Kleenex or something and wipe off the top layer of the lipstick!! You may even want to sanitize it with alcohol ! Watch this video for more details: 
  • No matter what's your skintype, you still need to moisturize!! Yes, even us people with very oily skin! Go to a dermatologist, so that he/she can recommend the best products for your skincare routine! ;)
  • Don't go to bed with makeup on, please don't do that horrible thing to your skin!! Skin renews itself during the nighttime, so if your skin is covered with makeup and dirt, it can't renew itself properly! And you're clogging your pores that way too... erm... pimples!!! Plus you'll get your sheets and your pillow dirty!!!
  • You want to shave your legs and you're out of shaving gel?? Just grab your hair conditioner, it'll work great !!
  • You have some shampoos that don't suit your hair? Don't throw them away!!! Use them to wash your makeup brushes (if they're gentle) or your hair stuff (hair bands, brushes, combs etc) ! ;)
  • Do you have a problem with blushes not having a great staying power on you? Try using a cream/gel blush underneath it! It will last for hours!! J
  • Do you have oily eyelids and your eyeliner pencil smudges and smears? Set it with a matching powder eyeshadow and it will stay where it should be for a couple of hours longer!! J
  • Use two different kinds of mascara , when they mix together they create fuller, thicker lashes! ;)
  • Before going to bed, put on your hands some hand cream/lotion and then a pair of cotton gloves! You’ll wake up with silky smooth hands! ;) You can do the same thing with your feet! :)
  • If you're unsure about a product/shade, check out youtube!! You'll find plenty of helpful videos there!
  • Do you have a brush that is scratchy? Put on some hair conditioner/mask, let it soak for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse ! The bristles of your brush will be much softer that way! :)
  • When you get oily, don't just put more powder on your face, because it will look cakey! First blot the excess oil with a blotting sheet ( Elf, Clean & Clear, Bourjois etc. have sheets like that) and then apply a thin layer of powder to look more polished! :)
  • Do you have brushes that still look dirty after washing them, especially brushes that you use with foundations, concealers and lip products? Pour some olive oil on a plate and swirl each brush in the olive oil until it comes clean! The oil will break down the wax that's contained in cream products and it will also condition the bristles of your brushes! Then wash your brushes with your regular shampoo to take off the olive oil ! :)

That's all I can think of now, I'll be updating this post quite frequently! lol

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